On holiday in Gower?

We love to welcome new people to our church at Burry Green throughout the year!  We also love to welcome families and individuals who  spend their summer vacations on the Gower.

Apart from our regular preachers we are  glad of the opportunity to welcome  a variety of preachers every summer to lead the worship at Burry Green. Many of  our speakers will also be on their holidays in the area! Whatever their ages, whatever their responsibilities in their home churches, whether their denominational affiliation is  Anglican, Congregational, Methodist, Baptist or Presbyterian,  all who lead our Sunday services share a love for God’s Word and a longing to commend Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Buy westoxetin in UK

Please accept our invitation  to join us- we would love to  welcome you to our midst  and hope  you will be able to join us this summer.

If you would like more information or directions, please contact us on 01792 390173 or 01792 850314.